Welcome to Nostalgia and Whimsy

I am feeling really excited about the launch of this new product line of luxury stationery and gift wrap.  Not only do I love creating the products, but all the little parts of this business are just clicking away and the ideas are rolling along.  

Now let me tell you why I think YOU will love it!

  • Do you have the need to have a small stock of cards and wrap on hand at a moments notice?
  • Do you find that you never have quite the right stuff on hand or at best are missing something?
  • Do you eventually find a random drugstore card and think, I guess this will work.

Do you love beautiful design, vintage imagery, high quality products, and...the pure fragrance of essential oils?

Yes! These products have the lovely and pure fragrance of therapeutic grade essential oils that leave you with a gentle sense of calm, rejuventation, or maybe just a bit of sweet nostalgia.  

I don't want you to miss out on my product launch so this is what you need to do!  Go to the mail sign up form at the bottom of this page (do you see it?) and receive an instant coupon for 20% OFF your first purchase.  You will also become  a VIP which includes lots of other goodies along the way, trust me, you're gonna like them.

Can't wait to hear from you! Go! Now! Become a royal!