Hi VIP's. Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was stuffed with goodness!  And now officially moving on to Christmas! Or Hanukkah! Or _______________ (insert yours here)!  You may have previously read my post about how not to crash and burn at the holidays like I have.  This time I want to talk about SHOPPING SMALL!  

5 Reasons to Shop SMALL for the holidays:

(Did you hear that drum roll?)

1. There are real, talented, invested people behind any small business trying to share what they were put on the planet to do.  They have skills. Lots of them! Not only do they invent and make products with their specialized skill set, they are their own marketers. They carefully package their goods, and ship them to you quickly. Then they anxiously await your happy response.  Because they CARE if you love it! And your happiness is more important than the sale at the end of the day.

2. Small biz often means handmade. Handmade means someone carefully selected the wood for its grain, or the wool for its softness, or the paper for its quality. They spent time hunting down the best suppliers at the best prices. It also often means sustainable practices like reclaimed wood, humanely treated sheep, and recycled papers.  There is thought behind the materials. There is minimal waste.

3. You are feeding a family that works hard and values relationships.

Relationships within their own family, and with their community, and with the people they work with. People like you. Patronizing a small business might help a mother remain flexible to work and care for her family at the same time.

4. These people are the visionaries. The inventors. The creative thinkers. We need them to do their thing. They are people who give back the moment they can. They receive gratefully and give generously.

5. And if those aren't compelling reasons, maybe just finding something unique that you have not seen anywhere else is exciting in and of itself!  You just might find that someone has the talent to express who YOU are!

NEXT TIME: 10 Small businesses you might want to give a try while preparing for your holiday celebrations.  No worries, I'll do the leg work.