About - Luxury scented greeting cards and coordinating gift wrap sheets. Create a holiday wonderland.


Fine quality papers are a tactile pleasure. Remember a time when a beautifully wrapped gift in gorgeous paper with a coordinating tag and bow elevated the experience and made you feel extra special? This is the place to create that unexpected experience for someone else. Add panache to your gift giving!

Luxury greeting card and gift wrap collections will add instant panache to your gift giving while simultaneously making your life easier. Have your ever received a present that was just too pretty to open? The presentation of the gift was a gift itself?  Do you appreciate the little extra details?   Imagine the finest quality card stock, pretty lined envelopes, and pattern happy gift wrap that is a pleasure to touch.  Imagine  opening a greeting card that is not only a visual and tactile experience, but also an olfactory one!
Therapeutic grade essential oils are used to scent our greeting cards.  All cards include a scent pouch that will keep your card  scented with pure essential oils until you are ready to give it.  All you have to do is wrap and sign for a multi-sensory gift giving experience! 
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